When they wrote Aria For A Cow back in 1980, no one outside of a small coterie of musical theatre aficionados had really heard of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. The duo had written one musical, Kurt Vonnegut's, God Bless You, Mr.Rosewater and thought maybe they should try working together on something else.

Fiddling around with ideas, they wrote some spec songs for Sesame Street. One of them was called Aria For A Cow, a silly song about a cow's demand for respect. Sesame Street wasn't interested and Aria for A Cow was packed away.

Two years later, Ashman and Menken were riding high on the success of thier hit musical, Little Shop of Horrors.

Aria For A Cow stayed packed away.

In 1988, Ashman was approached by the Disney Company to write for them. He wanted to work on animated musicals and invited Menken to join him as composer for Howard's lyrics. The rest, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, is film history.

Aria For A Cow stayed packed away.

Howard Ashman died in 1991 and Alan Menken has gone on to write with others.

Aria For A Cow stayed packed away.

Then, three years ago, an enthusiastic filmmaker and Disney Animator, Daniel James Lund, came knocking in the doors of Ashman's estate, looking for a song to animate.

Aria For A Cow didn't stay packed away.

Now, over thirty years later, the world will soon meet a cow named Aria and a song named Aria For a Cow. And fianlly, Aria will have her day in the sun.